“Dave Weaver was instrumental to me as a business owner during the long but tedious 1.5 year long process of buying out my two partners of Cetrom IT. Dave not only acted as my attorney, he also was a personal adviser as he tirelessly made himself available to me during what was one of the most challenging times of my professional career. I trust Dave 110 percent. His no nonsense, sound, professional advice has enabled me to pursue my dream of being a 100 percent shareholder of my business. Dave put together agreements that were rock solid, protecting myself and my family and he negotiated terms that I would not have been able to maneuver on my own. I highly recommend Dave Weaver as your personal or corporate attorney.”

Christopher Stark Cetrom Information Technology, Inc.

"During the past five years, it has been our pleasure to work with Dave Weaver on a wide range of corporate legal matters. He has always been timely, professional and top-notch. We expected no less from a firm of their experience and reputation. What was less expected - and very welcome - was the extra effort he made to understand and proactively assist our organization. Holtzinger Weaver, PA is not only our law firm, they are a trusted adviser and valuable member of our business team. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation."

Jim Racheff DMS, Inc.

"My husband and I have used Dave's legal services for many years and for many situations, primarily for our real estate company. He is highly trustworthy and reliable. From our experience, bigger is not better when it comes to law firms. You can expect integrity, knowledge and responsiveness when you deal with Dave."

Deb Kahley

“Dave Weaver has been my corporate attorney for LSI Inc for the past few years and has continued to give me professional advice to help advance my corporation and my personal endeavors as well. Dave helped me set up a new company called LSI Construction, which required the integration of two new partners. Dave was relentless in working with my partner's attorney to make sure that all the documents were addressed, clarified, and had the proper verbiage for all parties involved. He was able to give sound advice to me while also looking at the overall picture of the corporation and the benefits for all parties involved. He was always available for me either by phone or by e-mail and always made time to discuss certain nuances of my company. I would recommend Dave Weaver as a corporate and personal attorney at any level.”

Rami R. Sayegh LSI Inc

"David has unique expertise that allows him to guide our firm in both the commercial and federal business arenas. I have a deep appreciation for his commitment to keeping an open dialogue, which provides him real-time perspective of where our business stands at all times."

Todd Otis Facility Resource Group

"Several months ago, with a growing business and new partners, we identified the need for some stockholder and partnership agreements. We decided to take a new approach to the problem and work with a firm in our neighborhood with a better understanding of the needs of our business and the personality of our company. The result was the establishment of the relationship we now enjoy with Dave Weaver. My partners and I feel like we now have an attorney that both listens to and understands our needs; and one each of us is comfortable calling on for all legal matters, both business and personal. It is with our heartfelt gratitude that we wish to thank you for working with us and explaining otherwise complicated matters in terms that we understand."

Robert J. DeIuliis Talon Construction