William J. Holtzinger, Esq.

holtzinger1.pngWilliam “Jeff “ Holtzinger is a native of Frederick, and an involved civic leader. Mr. Holtzinger draws on his experience and knowledge from three formidable areas of his professional life in order to effectively serve his clients. These areas include: 

As Mayor, Mr. Holtzinger guided the City of Frederick successfully through such projects as:

These experiences, as well as others he gained during his tenure as city engineer and Mayor, help him to bring a deep and thorough understanding of the challenges his clients face when dealing with issues in the areas of:

Prior to public service, Mr. Holtzinger was in private practice with his family’s law firm. From his years of private practice, Mr. Holtzinger brings experience in the areas of:

This unique background of private practice of law and engineering, and public governance, helps Mr. Holtzinger provide a valuable breadth of knowledge and insight to his clients. Mr. Holtzinger draws on his years of experience in running The City of Frederick to help guide and advise clients, serving them with a unique perspective.

Mr. Holtzinger received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from The University of Maryland. In 1994 he graduated cum laude with his J.D. from The Columbus School of Law at the Catholic University of America.

Mr. Holtzinger lives in Frederick, Maryland with his wife, Pam, and their four children.