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We offer many specialized areas of practice complemented by decades of experience and relationship building in the Frederick Community. Please contact us with any questions about how we may serve you.

Business Organization and Planning

Solid businesses are created from the ground up. Good planning can help businesses avoid headaches and disputes later, saving time and money. We offer a wide range of business services to limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships including contract draftingt, buy/sell agreements, operating agreements, and corporate governance.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

There are times when litigation is the only available avenue to remedy a dispute between the parties. In these cases our firm can provide the effective representation needed to protect your interests. Some examples of issues that Weaver & Fitzpatrick have litigated on behalf of their clients include contract disputes; real property disputes; construction disputes; personal injury claims; employment disputes; commercial liability disputes; and commercial landlord and tenant disputes.

Commercial Transactions

Our attorneys offer their experience and knowledge to clients with regard to the negotiation and documentation of commercial transactions, including the drafting of legal documents, advising clients as to the appropriate structure for the transaction and as to their rights and potential liabilities related to the particular transaction.

Construction Law

As with business planning, construction law is first a pro-active practice of planning, negotiation, and well-defined relationships accomplished with sound, informed advice. Our firm offers residential, commercial, and government construction consultation on contracting and disputes. We use our wealth of experience and knowledge of the building industry to represent homeowners, contractors, developers, land owners, and government agencies. Our experience with construction projects from the planning, design, and permitting stage through completion of the construction provides a unique insight and advantage for the clients we represent.

Estate Planning

Your estate plan is one of the most important tools you have for managing your affairs, protecting your assets, providing for your family, and ensuring your legacy. It is not easy to contemplate death, particularly one’s own death, but it is an inevitable fact that we will all pass from this life. Although we cannot control when we pass from this life, we can control is what happens after we die by preparing in advance.

Employment Law

We represent employers in carefully mapping out their relationships with their employees. We provide consultation in drafting employment manuals, and employment agreements containing confidentiality and non-compete provisions. We also provide consultation on the hiring, promotion, discipline and termination of employees. We also represent employees in a wide range of claims including race, gender, pregnancy, age discrimination and perceived diasbility claims obtaining six-figure settlements for our clients.

Family Law

We provide advice and representation in family law matters including divorce and child custody.  Our family law practice includes the negotiation and drafting of marital separation agreements, custody agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and representation in mediation and litigation.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

When a dispute arises, mediation and alternative resolution should be explored before embarking on expensive litigation. Our attorneys are designated mediators for the Circuit Court of Frederick County, the Circuit Court of Howard County, Circuit Court of Washington County, and the Association of Realtors, and have served as arbitrators for a variety of disputes.

Municipal Law/ Local Government

Weaver & Fitzpatrick, P.A. has experience representing clients before local government, administrative,  political bodies. We have experience specific to the greater Frederick area that distinguishes us from other local firms. We can help with land use and development, local zoning laws, municipal contracts, municipal ordinances and resolutions, infrastructure issues, drafting, interpreting and enforcing municipal codes and ordinances, litigating land use and appeals of administrative agency decisions.

Real Estate Law

We offer real estate services including consultation and overview of sales and refinance agreements. Additionally, we represent and advise sellers, buyers, lenders, and borrowers in a wide variety of matters including the drafting of contracts, leases, financing agreements, title examination, easements and covenants, and the resolution of title defects. Our firm also handles negotiating and drafting of easement and right of way agreements, resolution and litigating of boundary line disputes and quiet title actions. We work with Excalibur Title & Escrow, LLC, a Maryland title company, which provides title nsurance and real estate settlement services.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Estate planning and taxes is an area of practice that requires both diligence and sensitivity. We offer consult and supervision of drafting, planning, and execution in the estate management process including durable power of attorney, living wills, traditional wills, and trusts. We also handle estate litigation before the Orphan’s Court and Circuit Court.

Zoning and Land Development

Our firm represents land owners and developers in navigating the complex landscape of municipal and local laws. We can help with site plans and subdivisions, construction plans, rezoning, comprehensive planning, zoning text amendments, annexation, special exceptions and variances, permitting, easements and right of way agreements, environmental issues, forest resource ordinance compliance, and adequate public facilities ordinance compliance.


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